Your Ultimate Guide to Photographing Antelope Canyon, tours for Antelope Canyon

  1. By Dannie
  2. On Sep 10, 2018
  3. North America
  4. Travel Tips

Most of my photos were framed vertically as you can tell. Obviously, this depends on preference and taste but I think on average vertical framing allows you to capture the canyon better. To take the tours for Antelope Canyon on the site and begin your Antelope travel nowdays.

Wrap it up (the camera)

Try to get a hold of saran wrap or a plastic bag and tape it around your lens and camera in such a way to protect the cracks of your equipment.

As long as you wrap where you can still manipulate your zoom/and or focus, you’ll be just fine.

Another way would be to just bring a bag to cover the camera in between shots if you didn’t want to hassle with wrapping the camera.

Find your rhythm

If you’re using a timer then you’re going to need to find your rhythm early on to make sure that you catch the beams at the right time. The guides will tell you when to shoot but if you’re going off a timer on the camera it’s not that helpful, so you’ll need to time it yourself.

This is why I recommend using a cable release for you camera.

If for some reason you don’t think you got the shot you wanted, don’t be shy and just ask the guide for another throw of sand or another minute or two and they’ll make sure you get your shot.

Keep in mind that it’s also nice to have a variety of captured light beams with different degrees of opacity.