Our best advice for Yellowstone in July or August is to pack summer clothing for outdoors. Make sure to also carry a sweater and a thin rain jacket just in case it gets colder or you get caught in the rain. To begin your trip with our Yellowstone vacation packages summer there nowdays.

What to wear in Yellowstone in summer

First, let me tell you that the dress code in Yellowstone (including all Yellowstone accommodations) is very relaxed. So no need to pack any smart clothing, unless maybe for dinner at the more upscale restaurants at the Old Faithful Inn or at the Lake Hotel.

Activities for family in Yellowston in Summer

Visit the Grand Prismatic Spring

No trip to Yellowstone National Park would be complete without seeing the Grand Prismatic Spring. One of the finest and biggest hot springs in Yellowstone, Grand Prismatic is ideally seen from above. Unfortunately, the Fairy Falls trail was closed for construction when we visited, so we could only see the Grand Prismatic from the board walk. Nevertheless, it was absolutely worth it! Without a doubt, one of the most extraordinary natural features we had ever seen!

See wildlife in the Lamar Valley

Yellowstone is home to so many different species of wildlife that you’ll inevitably run into some elk or bison in the park. However, none of those experiences can compare to visiting the Lamar Valley, North-East of Yellowstone.

The Lamar valley is a bit further from the main tourist routes in Yellowstone, but it’s definitely worth a detour and a couple of hours of your time. The best time to see wildlife in the Lamar Valley is at sunrise or at sunset. With kids, we couldn’t make it there early in the morning, so we went late in the afternoon. Driving through the Lamar Valley was one of the best things we did in Yellowstone and the kids loved it just as much as we did.