Yellowstone Upper Loop Guide To The Upper Loop Of Yellowstone

  1. By John
  2. On Sep 27, 2018
  3. North America
  4. Travel Tips

It is difficult to put into words the beauty throughout the section between Alpine and Hoback Junction, and the the Upper Loop of Yellowstone. Hopefully the pictures do this justice to take this route after passing through this alpine route.



Drive throughout the Upper Loop of Yellowstone


Bear Lake


Stereotypically known as ¡®home of the raspberry shake¡’, Bear Lake is a great spot to take a relaxing break a couple of hours into your drive. Unfortunately, we arrived at Bear Lake a little too early as all of the restaurants and spots where you can purchase a raspberry shake were closed!


Don't worry though, even if you experience Bear Lake and fail to sample the infamous shake, the views across the lake are stunning enough to warrant spending some time here. The town is relatively small but I could image grabbing a shake and taking in the gorgeous scenery with the lake and mountains in the background.


As you approach Bear Lake from the south, there is an overlook which provides a view over the town and lake before you take the winding road and drop into the town center. Again, we were not very well prepared as we drove right past this hoping for another overlook.


So be warned that when you see signs for the Bear Lake Rest Area and Overlook make sure you follow them! We even captured a pretty memorable moment when we spotted a hawk taking home its prey for lunch¡­it¡’s not every day you have experiences like this, but that¡’s Bear Lake, Utah for you.




One of the great benefits of taking a scenic road trip is that you pass through small towns that you otherwise would probably never visit. This can be said with our experience passing through Afton, Wyoming.


Home of the world¡’s largest arch made of elk antlers, yes that¡’s right they are woven together and create an archway that covers the entire road and is an iconic attraction that you just have to stop for!


Hotel Recommendation


If you are considering staying overnight in the vicinity of Afton, we can highly recommend Cabin Creek Inn in nearby Thayne, Wyoming (about 15 miles north).