Yellowstone summer vacations Experience Yellowstone this Summer

  1. By John
  2. On Oct 22, 2018
  3. North America
  4. Travel Tips

Looking for advice on what to wear or what to pack for Yellowstone summer vacations? We spent four days in Yellowstone with kids at the end of July – beginning of August last year, and in this post I am sharing our experience-based tips for packing for Yellowstone in summer.

Don’t forget – Yellowstone packing essentials:

Reusable water bottle.
* There are many places where you can refill you water bottles in Yellowstone (as well as in other National Parks and many hotels). It saves you a lot of money, on top of that it’s better for the environment.

* Sunscreen lotion. Sun can be really harsh in Yellowstone. We advice to use SPF50 sunscreen lotion.

* Sun glasses

* Quick-drying travel towel is a nice to have if you are planning to go swimming in Yellowstone.

* Bear spray and/or bear bell. Bear spray is not really a must in Yellowstone, although they do advice that you carry one if planning to do any hiking in the less popular areas and less popular times. You can buy a bear spray in Yellowstone as well, or you can rent one (at Grant Village and at the Canyon Village). Renting is quite expensive, however, especially if you need it for a couple of days. It’s definitely easier and cheaper to buy one in advance (just don’t pack it in your carry-on on the plane).

* Mosquito repellant. Yes, there are mosquitoes in Yellowstone in summer, so you do need a good mosquito repellant.
Camera gear and an extra battery pack and/or a power pack for your smartphone. Good camera gear is a must in Yellowstone!

* Telephoto lens with min. 200mm zoom is essential for wildlife photography. Make sure to also check our guide for the best camera gear for wildlife photography.

* Binoculars. I keep saying this every time – binoculars is the best way to keep your kids interested and entertained during any nature trip. And definitely in Yellowstone, where there is so much wildlife.

* Small day backpack with rain cover. Even if the forecast predicts sunny weather, you might get caught in a short but heavy rain shower, as we did. We got soaking wet, but the rain cover saved our camera gear.

* Planning to picnic in Yellowstone? There are many designated areas where you can picnic, so you may want to take your picnic basket or a cooler. Also camping chairs seemed to be very popular, especially with people watching wildlife in Hayden and the Lamar Valleys.

* First aid kit and a Swiss knife are the musts for any outdoor trip as well.