Yellowstone Summer Packages Planning for a 2019 Summer Trip in Yellowstone

  1. By John
  2. On Oct 22, 2018
  3. North America
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This post covers the best Yellowstone summer lodging options, as well as the best alternatives outside the park. Since we don’t camp, I am not going to cover camping accommodations. Just remember that same rule applies to camping in Yellowstone – if traveling in high season book as early as you can. Yellowstone campings for the summer months are usually fully booked, so don’t count on finding a spot upon arrival. To find the right Yellowstone summer packages on the site with discount price.

Summer clothing packing list for Yellowstone:

Rain jacket
Fleece or a sweater
Hiking pants (or zip-off pants) or jeans – something for colder weather, just in case
Sun hat
Trekking socks

Yellowstone accommodation for big families

Before we continue with the best places to stay in Yellowstone, I want to share this. If you are traveling to Yellowstone with a big family (2 adults and 3 or 4 kids), there are only two places where you can book a big family suite inside the park – Canyon Village and Lake Yellowstone. If big family rooms are not available anymore, your only option is to book two separate rooms. Alternatively, you can opt to stay outside the park, which is also much more affordable.

Staying at the Old Faithful Inn and is it worth it

One of the must-see landmarks of Yellowstone is undoubtedly the Old Faithful Inn. Famous for its remarkable log structure dating from 1904, the OF Inn is the most popular lodging facility in Yellowstone National park. It is considered a must to stay in the OF Inn when visiting Yellowstone. It was the first accommodation we secured for our American road trip last summer, afterwards we ‘built’ the rest of the trip around it.