Yellowstone National Park Tour

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Apr 1, 2017
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After a 14-Day Yellowstone National Park Trip,I'd share some experience in Yellowstone National Park with you.The United States is a very suitable country for self-driving,first of all,traffic rules in US is basically the same with China,most people will soon be able to adapt.Second,the Americans driving rules,rarely see stochastic children and the situation line,we are all comity.Then,the traffic signs are also very clear and reasonable,coupled with the layout of a large suburb of small you basically do not have to drive when you travel in the city,and good road conditions,car less,all of these will help you go everywhere very convenient.

After the introduce I ever did in the last article,you may have a lot of problems.

1st,Why start from Salt Lake City to Yellowstone National Park?Why not start in Los Angeles?

Because Salt Lake is very small,and a domestic county,car less and few people,so you easily adapt to driving in the United States.When you drive to the Yellowstone National Park at the next day,You just go straight the road.There're no complex traffic condition as urban.

Yellowstone National Park Trip

If you start from Los Angeles,it is difficult to adapt to the United States driving habits,and urban driving is's easy to make people nervous and make mistakes.

Moreover,most people like to buy a lot of things in Ollie in United States.if you start from Losangeles,it means you must took luggage to run all the way,not convenient.

2nd,Salt Lake City to Yellowstone National Park Round-trip,not go back?

In fact,near Western Gate or Southern Gate of Yellowstone,Jackson has a small airport.You can transfer two flights to Yellowstone Park and then take the car.(because there is no direct domestic flights to Salt Lake City.You can transfer to Salt Lake City generally in San Francisco,Los Angeles or Seattle).If you lived far away the main exit port in the country,you would pour three buses to Yellowstone Park.After the trip there,fly back to Salt Lake City.It would be very tired.

In addition,flights to Yellowstone National Park are special flights,small aircraft,not daily flight under the seasonal restrictions,and it is very expensive.Flight options are few,not convergence for following-up flights.Considered the travel convenience,it might as well drive it.and since you just arrived in the United States,it'll be very interesting just stop and enjoy the scenes all the way.

3rd,Will this trip to Yellow National Park be tired?

According to my experience,the general 2 weeks is most people's holidays.This route,the whole car about 3,500 km,are moderate rhythm.In addition,this line,involving the destination,are mainly sparsely populated areas of the West.I really want to live halfway.There is not much choice and necessary.Such as Salt Lake City to Yellowstone 520 km driving,there is no place to stop to live all the way.If you start with friends as a tourism group,you would not be tired.

Most importantly,driving in the western United States,you can enjoy all the beautiful scenery.Sometimes,the road scenery on the way to the destination itself is also beautiful,no traffic will be in a state of excitement,and make you forget the fatigue.

4th,Feeling not fun enough,are there any other attractive sights to travel?

One more day,you can also to the Grand Teton National Park in the morning to find Hidden Falls on Jenny Lake and the jungle in the West Bank.

Or you can also to Blythe National Park,go east to the famous arch National Park then,stay one night,and go to Antelope Valley(also called Antelope Canyon National Park),then to Monument Valley,Agam Road,Mexico Straw hat,goose neck state park and other small attractions.You can also stay in the arches for 2 nights,because there is a Canyon Lands National Park next to it.


Yellowstone National Park Tour


*If you like Ola shopping(between Las Vegas and Losangeles),you can increase the Palm Springs Outlets(Desert Hills Premium Outlets)shopping all day.It is the largest shopping center in the western United States Ole.More than 180 brands,compared with other Ole,there are many famous European goods there.

*If you go there with your children,you can put one more day in Los Angeles,to visit Disney and California Adventure,or to Sea World or the beach to play San Diego.