Why visit San Francisco? Guide to San Francisco

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  2. On May 19, 2017
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You may confused about the question that why visit San Francisco, or you need our guide to San Francisco. This travel tip may help you a lot. San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge & Alamo Square with the famous Victorian houses famous spots guide.

Guide to San Francisco

Alamo Square with the famous Victorian houses

Founded in 1776 by a Spanish friar and developed thanks to the Gold Rush, today, San Francisco has a population of more than 800,000 people and is one of the most important tourist destinations in the United States.

San Francisco is best known for the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Twin Peaks, and the cable cars that run through the city’s vertiginous streets. The city’s singular character is a result of its cultural mix of Native Americans, Spanish colonizers as well as a large number of Asian immigrants.

When visiting San Francisco, you can discover some of its most unique neighborhoods such as Chinatown, Japantown, the Mission District (with its Hispanic population), the Financial District (the economic heart of the city) the Castro District (where the wealthy live), or Haight-Ashbury (the cradle of the Hippy Movement). In San Francisco everyone finds his place.

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Guide to San Francisco

Where do I begin?

If you are planning a trip to San Francisco and know nothing about the city, you can begin here by reading about its interesting history and gaining some practical travel advice, learning about the city’s various districts, its most important attractions, and discovering its museums.

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