Which Washington DC Bus Tour is Best and Suit For The Weekend Time In Summer?

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Apr 20, 2017
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Maybe You're planning a short trip to Washington D.C.on weekend.You may have the question as which Washington D.C.Bus Tour is best and suit for the weekend time in Summer?Here's the Washington DC bus tour right for you.

Washington DC Bus Tour

【1-Day】New York State Museum,Washington Park and Albany-Tulip Festival Tour from New York

☆Enjoy the Albany-Tulip Festival,with thousands of gorgeous tulips blooming at Washington Park

☆Visit the New York State Museum

There're lots of famous destinations in Washington worth you visit.And this travel line will take you to New York State Museum,Tulip Festival,New York State Capitol.Starting from New York in the morning,we will drive to Albany to visit the New York State Museum.Then we will move to the 69th Albany Tulip Festival,which will be held at Washington Park.At last,we will go to the New York State Capitol,the capitol building of the U.S.state of New York.

New York State Museum-Founded in 1836,the New York State Museum is a research-backed institution in Albany,New York.The collections of the museum include geological samples,paleontology specimens,historic materials,and art.Their anthropological collections are extensive and include the collections of several early and well-known anthropologists,including Lewis H.Morgan and Arthur C.Parker.

Washington DC Bus Tour

Tulip Festival-The Tulip Festival is a famous event during Mother’s Day in Albany.It is held in Albany,New York every spring at Washington Park.It stems from when Mayor Erastus Corning 2nd got a city ordinance passed declaring the tulip as Albany's official flower on July 1,1948.Thousands of gorgeous tulips will bloom in May,attracting a lot of people coming for it every year.

New York State Capitol-The New York State Capitol is the capitol building of the U.S.state of New York.Housing the New York State Legislature,it is located in the Empire State Plaza on State Street in Capitol Park.The building,completed in 1899 at a cost of$25 million(worth approximately half a billion current dollars),was the most expensive government building of its time.

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