Where To Stay In Rome Tours To Pompeii From Rome

  1. By John
  2. On Oct 16, 2018
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Take the tours to Pompeii from Rome and begin your trip there with our tips. Locals in Rome are friendly and always eager to practice their English so don’t be shy to ask for help or strike up conversation; Romans are more than happy to tell you about their favourite places to eat and the best things to do in the city.

Dress modestly in church

Rome has over 900 churches that house some of the city’s most beautiful works of art, so don’t miss stepping inside to marvel at their treasures, whether you’re devout or not. Just be sure to dress appropriately to enter these holy spaces: women’s shoulders should be covered and skirts should hit at or below the knee, while men should wear pants or shorts that extend to the knees. Linen pants are a great option for the summer and a scarf is a perfect last-minute cover-up if you’re wearing a tank top.

Greet owners in small shops

There are many family-run artisan workshops and small boutiques in Rome, and you’ll often find the owner manning the cashier as you peruse the store. In Italy it’s customary to greet the owner when you enter and leave the shop. When you enter, you can say “Buongiorno” until lunchtime and “Buonasera” in the afternoon and evening; when you leave, you should say “Arrivederci.”

Wear comfortable shoes

One of the most charming aspects about Rome’s urban typography is its charming cobblestone streets, but uneven stones can take a toll on your feet. Pack a couple pairs of comfortable walking shoes so you can avoid pain or injury and if you bring heels, skip the stilettos which can get caught in between the cobblestone grooves.

Where to stay in Rome

When choosing where to stay and play in Rome, consider that while the city is best known for its ancient history, its newer and more diverse neighbourhoods tempt visitors with creative eateries, speakeasy bars and art galleries, all within an easy commute of the must-see ruins.