Where to Stay in Rome,Rome Travel Guide

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Jul 26, 2017
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Rome is a large city divided by the Tiber River,and it has a large number of tourist information centers,which is convenient if you arrive by bus or train,but because of the crowds,it’s probably best if you can use one of the other PITs.Rome travel guide tell you where to stay in Rome.

Rome Travel Guide

Hotels in Rome

Rome is famous for many things including its very high-priced hotel rooms.The good news is that there are many options from which to choose.Some of the five star luxury properties include the Aldrovandi Villa Borghese,the Baglioni Hotel Regina,the D.O.M Hotel,the J.K.Place Roma,and many others.

Rome also offers less expensive hotels,bed and breakfasts,campsites,holiday apartments,religious institutes,and hostels.Some of the bed and breakfasts include E Lode Bed and Breakfast,Alex Bed and Breakfast,Passi al Colosseo Bed and Breakfast,and more.Affordable hotels are Al Casaletto di Settecamini,Aribart Hotel,Roma Lifestyle Hotel Rome,and more.

Restaurants in Rome

A large city like Rome offers a huge number of restaurants from which to choose.There are great Italian restaurants on just about every block or in every neighborhood of the city.There are some old trattorias that have not changed their menus for 25 years!On the flip side there are new restaurants with young chefs who are producing new and innovative creations every day.