Where to stay in Prague,Prague city sithtseeing

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Dec 11, 2017
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Preparing your Prague city sithtseeing now?Where to stay in Prague?Aim for the Old Town or the New Town as your base.Affordable and convenient family hotels include the Residence Leon D’Oro,just a few streets away from the Old Town Square,or the boutique Yasmin Hotel,which has an entrance on Wenceslas Square.

Prague city sithtseeing

Prague Shopping

There a daily market sin Prague where you’ll find a selection of classical Czech goods and souvenirs.You’ll find excellent example of cut-glass,but children will prefer the handmade marionette puppets–a very popular a gift and attraction in Prague.

Winter time in Prague is simply magical,with the market squares looking like something out of a fairy tale.Children will delight at the enchanting stalls selling traditional hot food,quaint stocking fillers,wooden toys,scented candles and decorations.There’s more to do at the Christmas markets than just shop though,there are animal paddocks with sheep,goats and donkeys and a Bethlehem stable scene with Mary,Joseph,baby Jesus and the Three Kings.