Where to Stay in Frankfurt?Best Weekend Vacation for Kids

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Aug 3, 2017
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Where to Stay in Frankfurt?Planning a weekend vacation with your children there?Some places and things to do recommend may help you.

Best Weekend Vacation for Kids

German Film Museum

(Address:Schaumainkai 41,60596 Frankfurt am Main)

Little Film buffs shouldn’t miss the German Film Museum,located on Frankfurt’s riverbank;the museum explores the art and history of the moving picture,from its early beginnings with the laterna magica and camera obscura,to the replica studios and special effects of the today's movie industry.There are lots of hands-on exhibits for curious kids;you can re-enact a car chase or take a magic carpet ride over Frankfurt with the help of a blue screen.And of course there’s a movie theatre,which presents all movies in its original version.

Apple Cider Express

Your kids are tired from walking around,but there is still more of Frankfurt you want to see?Hop on the colorful"Ebbelwei Express"(Apple wine express),a historic tram that takes you trough the heart of Frankfurt and connects popular sights like the historic Romerberg Square,Paulskirche,the Museum of Modern Art and the Frankfurt Zoo.

While listening to some local Hessian music,the grown-ups can enjoy a glass of traditional"Ebbelwei"(alcoholic apple cider),the signature drink of Frankfurt,while kids nibble on some pretzels.(Note that it is only on weekends).

What to do with kids at Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt International Airport is Germany's most frequented airport and the third busiest hub in Europe,with over 54 million passengers passing through each year.If you and your kids are one of them and need to kill some time at the airport,make sure to check out the visitors'terrace for some great views(free for kids under 6).

If you want to get a glimpse behind the scenes,how about taking the family on an airport sightseeing tour?From a mini-tour(45 minutes,no reservations required),and a night tour,to a fire-department tour,where your kids will find out how the airport's firefighters work,Frankfurt offers various tours for interested visitors of all ages.