Where to stay for a Lisbon Cheap Holiday?

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Dec 3, 2017
  3. Europe
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Since you're planning a Lisbon travel,you may interested in where to stay for a Lisbon Cheap Holiday?It is suggested to be based close to the Baixa district of Lisbon,or approximately 1km(walking distance)from the Rua Augusta Alfama(to the east of Baixa)is very hilly and due to the narrow,poorly lit streets,it’s not always advisable to be walking late at night around it.

Lisbon Cheap Holiday

Bairro Alto to the west of Baixa tends to be the nightlife hub of Lisbon and depending on the style of holiday can be a fantastic or awful location.Travelling north from Baixa feels further from the tourist and historic centre of Lisbon.If you are going to be further from the downtown area always make sure that the accommodation is close to a metro station.

Onward travel from the Airport-Cheap Please!

Lisbon airport is within the city limits and is connected to the metro,so there is no need to book expensive onward transfers or taxis.The metro covers the entire city and a single ticket costs€1.45,with a 30-minute journey to the city centre(Baixa).There is a special airport bus service called the Aerobus that connects the airport to Baixa and Rossio square(€3.50)but generally metro is easier.Lisbon taxis are notorious for overcharging fares from the airport and visitors newly arrived.