Where to go on holiday in New York City, New York Guide

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Jul 7, 2017
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Where to go on holiday in New York City? New York Guide bring It’s not just the rocks that are the stars; the history of the city also involves lots of memorable things who guarded it. Their stories will be told in more and more people with the growth of the visitors.

New York Guide

Brilliant chocolate babka

I went to a holiday party last year and someone brought chocolate babka from Oneg, a Jewish bakery in Brooklyn. Every conversation between every guest that evening began with the words “have you tried the babka?”, and this delicious folded buttery chocolatey masterpiece is a perfect holiday treat. It’s worth the trek to Oneg, in the middle of the deeply traditional Hasidic area of South Williamsburg, which will make you feel millions of miles away from the hyper-gentrified Williamsburg just next door.

Go to a baseball game

People often suggest tourists go to a New York Yankees game but it took me over two years of living here before I did because I thought baseball – like most sports – was deathly boring. Turns out, a game at Yankee stadium is the kind of cliched Americana dream experience I always hoped for. The cheap seats offer great views. You down expensive hot dogs and beer. Take Me Out to the Ballgame is played and Village People’s YMCA gets everyone dancing, including workers sweeping the field between innings. People propose on the scoreboard. Every player gets a personal song as they step up to the plate. Mindless yelling is encouraged. And even I can follow three-strikes-you’re-out.

New York Guide

Escape from New York: art and nature

Escaping the city briefly makes the crowds and concrete easier to handle, and the Storm King Art Center in New Windsor is the perfect dose of art and nature. Over 100 sculptures lie among the fields, woods and hills in the 500-acre park; my favourite is the enormous Three-Legged Buddha by Chinese artist Zhang Huan. The perfect way to take it all in is to rent one of the onsite bikes and bring a picnic. The park is about an hour and a half’s drive from Midtown Manhattan and there are train and bus options.