When to visit Prague,Prague travel guides

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Dec 17, 2017
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This Prague travel guides tell you the information about when to visit Prague.High season in Prague generally means April to June,September and October,plus the Christmas and New Year holidays;the Prague Spring festival in May is the busiest time of year.July and August are midseason,and the rest of the year is low season,when hotel rates can drop by 30%or 40%.

Prague travel guides

Christmas Holidays

Prague has a special magic during Christmas time and when covered with snow.Christmas and snow unfortunately rarely come together.Even Prague residents hope for a white Christmas and get excited when it actually happens.The month before Christmas is beautiful even without the snow because Prague is decorated with Christmas lights and the Christmas markets are open.Visit our Prague Christmas section to read more about this special time of the year in Prague.

Prague Under Snow

There is usually some snow in Prague before Christmas and then again in January,February,and even March,but every Prague winter is different.The good news is that January and February are Prague's least touristy months,so you may be able to book your trip at the last minute and come to Prague during a snowy spell.Make sure you dress appropriately for the weather-read our December Weather in Prague page for details.