When is the best weather&time to visit Paris,France?

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Sep 17, 2017
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When is the best weather&time to visit Paris,France?If you happen to have the possibility to travel off-season,visit Paris in May,June,September.You will save some money and some time waiting in the queues at museums.Summer is also an agreeable period to visit,but in fact tourist attractions and landmark sites never close whatever the season.

best weather&time to visit Paris

Cairns can be visited at any time of the year although it's best to avoid the hotter and/or wetter months between October and March.Generally,it is hotter late in the year and not as hot,but much wetter,around January to March.The best time for those not accustomed to heat is the southern winter,approx.May to September with July being the optimum month.It can rain in Cairns at any time of the year,as showers come in off the ocean in the prevailing SE trade winds,however,in winter they are usually light.

Travel in the cooler and drier part of the year also allows a traveller to see much more of the countryside as some roads,especially north of Cairns,are unsealed and impassable after heavy rain.

April,May and June would be the best time to visit Paris.Fresh air,clear skies,blossom,neither too cold nor too hot,occasional showers to clear the air and make everything sparkle.