When and Where To Picnic Along the Seine in Paris

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Aug 29, 2017
  3. Europe
  4. Travel Tips

When are the best months for picnicking along the Seine?Do Parisians do it any time there is nice weather or are there only certain months that they go there?Any good spots be recommend for the“perfect picnic”.Here're the answer:


Parisians go whenever there is nice weather which generally occurs between April to October.The summer months are the most popular and it’s always a very casual affair.Most people simply bring a nice bottle of wine,a baguette and some cheese.There are a number of spots to recommend.One of the most popular is the tip of the Ile de la Cite,formally known as the Square du Vert-Galant.It’s been featured in numerous movies as a romantic spot to picnic since you are literally surrounded by the River Seine looking at the Pont des Arts in front of you.

The banks of the Seine just near the Hotel de Ville are also a lovely spot and in July and August are transformed into the temporary“beach”known as Paris Plage.This can get a bit busy and touristy though,so if you just want to hang out with locals I’d recommend an area on the opposite side of the river in the 7th.The area just near the Pont Alexander III bridge is beautiful and recently redeveloped by the city with temporary art installations made out of shipping containers and a few other restaurants and bars.The best part is you also have a direct view of the Grand Palais.

Also some festval in Paris you may interested in,to enrich your vacation there.