What you must see in Yellowstone National Park from Los Angeles Vacation

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Apr 27, 2017
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What you must see in Yellowstone National Park from Los Angeles Vacation?When you're planning a holiday travel to Yellowstone,I think you may need the advice.And the answer and suggestion is:Both Jackson and Cody,Wyoming would be great places for you to stay on your trip to Yellowstone and Wyoming.The opening dates for Yellowstone National Park can vary in the early spring depending on the weather.The opportunity for wildlife photography in the spring is great.May is usually a good time to visit both the Tetons and Yellowstone.

Jackson and Cody are great places to stay on your vacation but are not good locations to tour Yellowstone.Try to get lodging in park thru Xanterra,but if your days are too early,lodging at West Yellowstone and Gardiner would be your next best option.Yellowstone is big so splitting your stay for that park is best between at least 2 locations.


2.ZION NATIONAL PARK.The lodge inside Zion NP location is awesomely beautiful.Flat ground.Paved trails.2nd choice lodging would be Springdale,UT

3.BRYCE CANYON NATIONAL PARK.It's been years since I have been so I cannot speak to that area.

4.To PARK CITY,UT via scenic Highways 89 and 189.Main street is very hilly but you can drive up,down and around.Overnight in EVANSTON,WY for more reasonable lodging options and for a head-start next day to Jackson.Flat ground in Evanston.This would be your longest driving day:4 hours via Interstate 15 to Park City+1 more hour to Evanston,or 5 hours the scenic way using 89 and 189 to Park City,which I HIGHLY recommend,+1 hour to Evanston,WY

5.JACKSON,WY.Flat ground.We recently(July 2015)stayed at the Motel 6 there,would stay again.

6.GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK.Whatever you do,do NOT omit this national park like we have always done until this past summer.Some posters will disagree with me,but our choice of lodging on our next trip(2017)is HEADWATERS AT FLAGG RANCH because(1)lack of crowds,(2)pretty area as is all of Grand Teton NP,(3)lack of crowds,(4)we like the*Roosevelt Bison-Elk Chili*at the lodge there,(5)lack of crowds,(6)plenty of parking,(7)lack of crowds,(8)small ranger information office at Flagg for Tetons and Yellowstone,oh and the most important point,(9)lack of crowds!Also,flat ground.

Go to Yellowstone National Park from Los Angeles By driving

If I were going to divide up your 10 days in the park,I would spend 3-4 in YNP and 3 in Jackson Hole/YNP.I would spend at least one night in Cody and go to the incredible museum(could take 2 days)and visit Old Town.I would spend the day driving the Beartooth Highway and overnight in Red Lodge,MT(eat at the steakhouse.Best mussels I've had since France).Circle back down to Cody for a day or two.And then drive through YNP one last time before you start your drive back to LA.If you book 2 nights in Cody and decide to only use 1,that would give you and extra night on the way home if you decide to spend 3 days driving instead of just 2.