What to see during the London Trip with the best London Tours

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Jul 26, 2017
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What to see or don't miss during the London trip with the London tours?Impressive attraction as below:

London Trip


The oldest university in England,Oxford is grand,stunning and mesmerizing.A must visit for architecture buffs and photography enthusiasts,bibliophiles too will enjoy visiting this city in southern England due to the presence of many libraries.

Distance from London:approximately 57 miles

Best time to visit:All year round!

Top Attractions:

-Pitt Rivers Museum

-Oxford University Museum of Natural History

-Oxford Botanic Garden

-Oxford Castle


Situated along the coast,the delightful town of Dover looks right out of a fairytale-what with a magnificent castle overlooking it.A major ferry port,many tourists flock to Dover to see the spectacular White Chalk Cliffs.