What to eat in Rome,Rome's Local Food

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Sep 28, 2017
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As one of the world’s most traveled to countries,it’s important to slow down,and take in the delicious Italian culture one bite at a time.To experience the Rome local life and to find what to eat in Rome must be the meaningful things.

Rome's Local Food

Osso Buco

A Milanese specialty,Osso buco is a delicious traditional dish that dates back to the nineteenth century.Originally,tender veal shanks(the meal’s name,which means“bone with a hole”in English,comes from the the way the meat is cut)are cooked with cinnamon,bay leaf,white wine or broth,and an herb mixture called gremolata.More recently,tomatoes have been added to the mix.Combine it with risotto alla milanese and your taste buds will be singing sweet praises louder than A.C.Milan’s fans on game night!

Casu Marzu

Though many may flock to Italy for their variety of dairy products,this sheep’s milk cheese is not for the weak stomached.This traditional Sardinian delicacy is also known as“rotten cheese.”Unfortunately,it’s not named this for a sour smell,but rather,because of a special fermentation process it goes under.Artisanal cheese makers place live maggots inside,and allow them to eat the cheese.By the time the cheese is ready,it may contain thousands of these little creatures!So be warned,the larvae may still be alive when you’re trying to spread this now softened cheese onto your bread!Though it does require a bit more courage than most food to try,at the end of the day it’ll make quite the story.