What To Eat in Paris,Wine Tasting&Paris Local Food

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Sep 7, 2017
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What To Eat in Paris?We'd like to share our experience with you after a absolutely fantastic Paris travel experience.The guider was incredibly knowledgable and educated us about the regions,the agricultural practices,and the wine making.We were so full when we left;they supplied a huge amount of cheese and charcuterie to taste with each wine!I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a different experience in Paris.Wine tasting&Paris local food as below:

Paris Local Food

Wine Tasting with Cheese and Charcuterie Lunch

Even better,pair your wine tastings with a cheese and charcuterie lunch.This also takes place in the ancient wine cellar near the Louvre and things kick off at noon.While you are tasting and being introduced to five regional wines of France,you are also sampling artisanal cheese from a master fromagere.You learn which cheeses go with which wines and why that is the case.Similarly you taste charcuterie from southwestern France and from Corsica,paring those with red wines.

Champagne Tasting on a Seine River Cruise

What could be better than leisurely cruising down Paris'famous river,with the iconic monuments and sights passing by?We'll tell you what—cruising down the Seine while sipping champagne!

Instead of sitting in the back of the boat with the other tourists,you're led to a private room at the front.There,a champagne sommelier guides you through a tasting of three different champagnes.We've done this tour and we can tell you,the champagne flows!Just don't forget to look at those monuments in between sips.

Paris Local Food

Market Visit&Cooking Class,with Lunch

With this activity you not only learn about French foods,not only visit a popular market street,but you learn how to shop for French food and then cook a wonderful and typique 4-course lunch.You start out with a croissant and a cup of coffee before heading over to a popular food market in the Latin Quarter.(This is when you choose the"Market,Cooking Class&Lunch"option,which is what we recommend.)

You learn how the market works and then shop for ingredients for your lunch.Afterwards,in the cooking studio,the expert instructor takes yo step-by-step through the creation of a lunch that includes l'entrée,le plat,les fromages,and le dessert.Then you sit down with your fellow students and enjoy the fruits of your labour.With wine,of course!