What to Eat During Brussels Vacations

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Nov 20, 2017
  3. Europe
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What to eat during Brussels vacations?Brussels is easy to get to via high-speed rail from many European cities,making it a convenient stop if you are visiting other continental cities.Belgians are some of Europe’s most enthusiastic eaters,and Brussels is a great place to sample casual culinary delights.Street food rules here,perfect for families whose kids won’t tolerate lengthy sit down meals.The town’s specialty foods are thankfully kid pleasing,so no one should go hungry.

Brussels Vacations


Belgium chocolates are world famous,and visitors are privileged to discover just how delicious and artfully presented they can be.The picturesque Place du Grand Sablon is brimming with chocolate shops,including Wittamer,where you can find some of the cities finest confections and eye-catching displays.Laurent Gerbaud is a Willy Wonka character come to life and you watch him passionately create fantastic chocolates in his shop on Rue Ravenstein.


Two styles of waffles exist in Belgium:Liege and Brussels style.Street vendors sell them both.The fluffy Brussels waffle is rectangular with a golden exterior.The Liege-style waffle is made with chunks of sugar,which caramelize and form a crispy,crunchy coating.Both are delicious and merit a taste so you can decide which is your personal favorite.