What to do in Milan:a local's guide

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Oct 25, 2017
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What to do in Milan,a local's guide help you to see how you can enjoy top attractions as well as Milan’s famous shopping during your Milan vacation.Take a look at this itinerary for a relaxed,cultural and enjoyable several days in Milan.

What to do in Milan:a local's guide

Sant’Ambrogio Basilica

Milan’s fourth century father Saint Ambrose,the most famous Milanese archbishop,converted and baptised the influential Saint Augustine(in the Duomo).Ambrose is the city’s patron saint and has his own basilica which is another definite must-see in Milan,both for its very old and original architectural elements(façade,atrium,column capitals,bell towers),but also for the artwork inside:Volvinius altar,choir,sarcophagus of Stilichone and mosaics.There is also a museum and a treasury.

Day trip:Pavia and OltrepòPavese

If you're looking for top notch places to eat in Milan on a Sunday night then you could be out of luck;most of the better restaurants are closed on Sundays.But instead of going to one of the very few that are open,or one of a lesser quality,turn that frown upside down and discover part of Milan’s hinterland.A real tradition in the Italian countryside is the Sunday lunch,or pranzo della domenica,during which whole families eat and chat together for hours in one of the many _agriturismo,_or farmhouse style brasserie.The OltrepòPavese wine region,just 50 km south of Milan,offers an excellent choice of such traditional restaurants-try the fabulous local wines while taking in magnificent vineyard vistas at the likes of Trattoria Quaglini in the village of Schizzola.You can reach the area in less than an hour from Milan and on the way visit one of Lombardy’s main treasures,the Certosa di Pavia monastery(free entry,closed over lunch time).On your way back from lunch,stop for a stroll around the laid-back historical city of Pavia.