What to do in Lisbon for Children?

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Nov 29, 2017
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This guide will provide an introduction for families who are considering visiting Lisbon and will list many of the children friendly activities within the city.You may confused the question about what to do in Lisbon for children?Portugal as a whole is very supportive and understanding of families,especially if traveling with young children.

Lisbon tours

Núcleo Arqueológico:An Incredible Journey Through Hidden Lisbon

One of the more unusual visitor attractions in Lisbon is this extraordinary archaeological museum set on and beneath Rua Augusta in the city's Baixa(downtown)district.The museum was built around excavations that had revealed the remains of Iron Age dwellings and Roman fish-preserving tanks unearthed by a building team during the construction of a new bank.Archaeologists were called in and as work progressed,more artifacts were discovered including Roman mosaics,a 5th-century Christian burial chamber,and the foundations of Moorish walls and flooring.The developers had chosen to build over a site that had been occupied by different civilizations over many thousands of years.Indeed,pottery and coins from the medieval period were also found,and 18th-century foundations identified.Instead of bulldozing over this fascinating multi-layered treasure trove it was decided to preserve the entire site by building over and around it.

Today,you can join a free,pre-booked guided tour that begins on the ground floor in the exhibition hall with glass floor panels that allow visitors to view sections of the excavated basement.The history lesson continues downstairs where you are led through a series of eerie,subterranean galleries designed to showcase that which remained hidden for millennia.By coincidence,the name of the bank is Millennium.

Address:Rua dos Correeiros 9 and Rua Augusta 84,Lisbon