what to do in Antelope Canyon,Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon to choose

  1. By kevin
  2. On Aug 8, 2018
  3. North America
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Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon more better for you?What to do in Antelope Canyon?You may have more questiona before your trip there.The first thing I had to decide when visiting Antelope Canyon was:Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon?Upper Antelope Canyon is more expensive,but it has the iconic light beams and wider openings.Lower Antelope Canyon is more reasonably priced,but has narrow slot canyons,and steps that you have to climb down to get into the slot canyon.We decided to visit Lower Antelope Canyon.

Normal Tour Or Photography Tour to choose?

The second factor to decide is if you want to take the regular tour or photography tour.You are required to book a tour with a guide to visit the slot canyons.The photography tour costs more(quite a bit more,actually),requires the photographer to have a tripod(you can rent one if you did not bring one with you on your trip),and(which was the kicker for me)everyone on the tour must have a camera and tripod.

I really didn’t want to pay that much for both of us to take a photography tour of the canyons and I also didn’t want to pack double the camera gear.So,I opted for the regular tour.However,if I ever decided to go back to Antelope Canyon,I will 100%take the photography tour.I think my experience would have been a lot better that way.

Details Of Our Time Visiting Lower Antelope Canyon

Here are the details that I settled on for our time visiting Lower Antelope Canyon.(After reading lots of advice online!)I reserved our time slot in advance(a few weeks before we left for our trip)through the bus tours.Our time slot was for 11am because I wanted to make sure there would be plenty of light in the slot canyons for photographs.

However,looking back,I wish I would have booked an earlier time slot to possibly reduce the amount of people going through the slot canyon at the same time.We paid$25/person for the tour and$7/person for use of the Tribal Land.Tours accepts credit cards but the Tribal Land fee must be paid in cash.That might influence which tour you decide to take.