What destination is on your bucket list when you plan a trip to East Coast in US?I visited Asheville last year and it was one of my favorite trips I’ve had in a long time.I’m excited to see some of the art spaces in the River Arts District and the breweries and barbeque at Buxton Hall.

You will be joining us for an evening at Gaining Ground Farm just outside of Asheville by preparing a multiple course farm-to-table dinner in September.What do you have in store for the guests?

I’ve been working with Aaron and talking about the food they are growing so it will be a lot of seasonal produce and meat from their farm.My friend Dave owns a bakery called Farm and Sparrow so I will work with him on getting the best bread I’ve ever had in my life.The trip is at the end of summer and beginning of fall so there’s so much produce available so that is what I am going to highlight.

Trip To East Coast In US

Trek Travel visits Gaining Ground Farm in North Carolina

Do you have an especially memorable story from your many years in the restaurant industry?

I think it’s always about the people,the ones who come in and support us and the people we work with.The generosity of the people I get to work with and serve every day blows me away.

What drew you to be part of a Trek Travel trip?

I love bikes,they play a major part of my life.I use a bike as my main mode of transportation,and I use it as a recreation and how I spend time with my family.The idea that I could experience a trip that is focused on bikes and bike travel is pretty much my ideal.

What excites you most about your trip to Asheville?

Asheville is an amazing city with a super engaged community,vibrant arts,great music and a thriving food community.It has so many things that make a really great community.Not only that,but it’s also beautiful,the rivers and the mountains make it such an amazing place.I’m super excited to visit Asheville again.