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Nearby Yellowstone in US East Coast

Mammoth Hot Springs - Tips for Travelers

Mammoth Hot Springs is one of the most active areas of Yellowstone with daily-changing features. You won't see dramatic eruptions, but this incredible attraction is well worth a stop. The dominant rock in this area is limestone, while rhyolite dominates in the rest of the park. Limestone is an essential ingredient in the formation of terraces. Hot water with dissolved carbon dioxide makes a solution of weak carbonic acid. The acid dissolves calcium carbonate, the primary mineral in limestone. The calcium carbonate is then deposited to form terraces. Observe the colors which are created by thermophiles (heat-loving microorganisms). The attractions is composed of the upper loop, accessible by car, and the lower loop, only accessible on foot. If you are visiting in the summer, be prepared for heat in this area because of hot springs. There is virtually no shade on the Lower Terraces boardwalk and limited shade on the Upper Terraces, so wear plenty of sunscreen and a hat.

Yellowstone Lake

Yellowstone Lake is the largest lake in the park. It covers 136 square miles and is 20 miles long by 14 miles wide. For some of the best views of the lake, visit West Thumb Geyser Basin at sunset. There will be very few visitors at that time and you will be able to enjoy spectacular views, surrounded by geysers and colorful thermal pools. In the summer, look for bald eagles and osprey along the shoreline. Xanterra Parks & Resorts offers guided fishing and boat rentals at Bridge Bay Marina. Call 307-344-7311 for more information. The lake features 110 miles of shoreline, but it remains too cold for swimming year-round. It completely freezes over in the winter. This area is home to the largest population of wild cutthroat trout in North America. Several species, including the cutthroat trout, are subject to catch-and-release-only fishing rules in the park. For more information and fishing permits, visit From here, the drive to the Old Faithful Inn takes anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour in the summer, depending on the traffic and road repair work. There are a few picnic areas and scenic turnouts from which visitors can admire the park landscape. The road from West Thumb to Old Faithful crosses the Continental Divide two times: at 8,391 feet and at 8,262 feet. One the way, you can admire views of rivers, forests, lakes and waterfalls.

Nearby Yellowstone in US East Coast

The South Entrance Offers a Dramatic Way into Yellowstone

Located at an elevation of 6,886 feet (2,099 m), The South Entrance offers a dramatic entrance. You will drive along the scenic Lewis River canyon, Lewis Falls and Lewis Lake. There are several scenic turnouts where you can pull over and take in the view.