West Yellowstone to Grand Teton Visit West Yellowstone

  1. By John
  2. On Oct 23, 2018
  3. North America
  4. Travel Tips

Yellowstone is over 3,500 square miles. With a space so vast and so much to seeing, planning a trip to Yellowstone with kids can be a little intimidating. That is why I’ve put together these tips for visiting Yellowstone National Park to make your trip less stressful. Planning your trip from West Yellowstone to Grand Teton, to visit West Yellowstone and Grand Teton by our tips on the site.

Guide for West Yellowstone to Grand Teton:

Most of the main attractions have bathrooms, although you may need to wait in a line. Some of these are just a step above a port-a-potty so be sure to bring along some travel toilet tissue and hand sanitizer or Wet Ones.

Each of the main villages has food options, and there are many places to stop and enjoy a picnic. These can all be found on the map given out at the entrance.

Visiting the National Parks is a good time to teach the kids about responsible tourism. Not only does this include “Leave no trace” principles when it comes to carrying out whatever you bring in, but it also means teaching them not to be a touron. This includes being responsible around wildlife. I love this article about the crazy questions people ask Park Rangers because they don’t understand that this is nature…not a zoo. So, no selfies with bison and no walking up to bears or elk. When they say stay back, it is for a reason.

Not being a touron (tourist + moron) also means being respectful of the ecosystem. Yellowstone sits on top of a super volcano. In places, the earth’s crust is extremely fragile and thin. Last summer I read multiple stories about people who died in the park because they were hiking alone without bear spray or they fell through the earth’s crust or even that they decided to take a dip in a hot spring and got boiled to death. It is gruesome but all avoidable. Keep a close eye (or hand) on little ones and stay on the boardwalks when visiting geyser basins or geothermal features.