West Coast of America tours,New Places to visit during the Itinerary

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  2. On Jun 1, 2018
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Join the West Coast of America tours to enjoy the culture there.Amid Gotham's iconic landmarks and towering skyscrapers,you'll experience a vibrant culture permeating each of the city's distinctive neighborhoods and boroughs.To learn the new places we recommeneded for you as blow:

New Places to visit during the Itinerary:

Grand Prismatic Spring


The third largest hot spring in the world,the Grand Prismatic Hot Spring gets its color from bacteria around its rim that feed off of the mineral-rich water.In the summer months,the hot spring is a vivid red-orange shade.

Old Faithful Geyser

(approx.60 mins)

Old Faithful is a cone geyser in the Upper Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park.It is one of the park's most well-known natural features,and is famous for its predictability.It generally erupts every 92 minutes.

West Thumb Geyser Basin

(approx.45 mins)

The West Thumb Geyser Basin is the largest geyser basin at Yellowstone Lake,and an impressive area of geothermal activity that contains hot springs,mud pots,and geysers--some of which are even in the lake itself.

Midway Geyser Basin

(approx.40 mins)

Midway Geyser Basin contains a small collection of mammoth-sized springs.Midway is part of the Lower Geyser Basin,but because of its isolated location between the main features of Lower and Upper geyser basins it became known as Midway.

Fountain Paint Pot

(approx.30 mins)

Fountain Paint Pot,heated by the region's underground hot springs,F.P.P is half hot spring,half mud basin.The spring releases natural shades of red and yellow because of the oxidation of iron in the soil.