Weekend in Barcelona,Barcelona Restaurant&Foods

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Sep 21, 2017
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One of the world’s most visited cities,Barcelona is likely on your bucket list to visit or re-visit.But all that attention has a cost.Weekend in Barcelona,Barcelona restaurant&foods give you the special experience in Barcelona,Spain.As this Catalonian capital(population 1.6 million)hosts a steady influx of tourists(up to 27 million annually),it also ushers in myriad environmental problems.Luckily,there are ways you can make your trip an ecofriendly one.

Barcelona Restaurant

Increased city council investment in ecofriendly transport,combined with a focus on sustainability in restaurants and accommodation,is good news for responsible travellers.Here’s how to feel even better about indulging in tapas and Tempranillo,Gaudíand Gothic architecture,while respecting Barcelona’s status as the first city in the world to gain Biosphere certification(2011),recognition of its commitment to be a sustainable tourism destination.

Sustainable eating

Tourists flock to Barcelona for its tapas scene,but if you’d prefer to rub shoulders with the person who grew the succulent tomatoes you’re eating,or if you want to know how and why your produce came to be at the table,there is an increasing number of places with a healthy ethos.Look out for'slow food'restaurants that buy directly from local providers(within a radius of 100km)and use only seasonal ingredients.

Barcelona Restaurant

Flax&Kale(–Opened in August 2014,this stunning,split-level restaurant adheres to a‘flexitarian’approach to eating:80%of the menu is plant-based,with the remaining 20%being‘flexible’dishes consisting of oily fish.It’s also the only place in Barcelona to offer juices that are cold-pressed on site.There’s a vegan and vegetarian menu,both of which offer dishes that are not only healthy and full of flavour but the presentation is on par with a Michelin level of dining.Try the raw vegan lasagne for a delectable entry into Barcelona’s multi-layered world of sustainable eating.

Summum Restaurant&Bar(–If your eyes are often bigger than your stomach,Summum at the 4-star Hotel Alimara is an especially good option.Not only does it have excellent Catalan cuisine(such as the squid and sausage‘surf and turf’)but it’s committed to social projects,working with UNICEF and the Food Bank,among others.It vacuum packs all its leftover food and distributes it to Barcelona Shares Food(,a project that aims to reduce waste and poverty.The hotel also trains students from the nearby hospitality college.

Fastvinic(–This is a sustainability-savvy place masquerading as a simple sandwich cafeteria.If you want Catalan fast food done the'slow food'way,if you want your glass of wine served at a temperature-controlled level for its individual style,and if you want your rubbish composted and recycled while sitting under energy-efficient LED lighting,this is the place to be.