What about the weather in Toronto in this season, how about the holiday trip to Toronto now? The best times to visit Toronto are late April through May and September through October. Peak tourist season occurs during the summer months: the sidewalks come alive with pedestrian marketplaces, patio restaurants and numerous cultural events. However, as temperatures rise, so do prices. If you're looking to save money on hotels, pack a parka and book your trip during the wintertime. If you want lower prices and temperatures above freezing, spring and fall are your best bet.

Best Months to Visit


This sweet season sandwiched between negative temperatures and unruly crowds is a great time to visit Toronto. Average highs rest in the 50s and 60s, making a comfortable setting for sightseeing. However, consider packing a few extra layers, since temperatures (especially after sunset) can drop back down below the 45-degree mark. Spring is also an ideal time to find hotel deals as the summer tourists have yet to arrive.


The brief summer offers respite from the cold Canadian climate. Summertime also marks Toronto's festival season, with Pride Week and Caribana drawing thousands of participants. However, this is also the peak season, so be prepared for heavy crowds and fewer deals. If you're looking to visit during this time, make sure to book a hotel at least a couple months in advance, and brace yourself for inflated rates.


With the warm weather sticking around just a little longer-- average high temperatures range from the upper 60s in September to the mid-50s in October-- and hotel rates starting to slump, autumn is another affordable time to visit this bustling city. While it shouldn't be too difficult to find modestly priced digs, it's still a good idea to book at least a month in advance. Fall festivals, such as the Toronto International Film Festival, are known to draw a respectable audience.


The winter months in Canada bring biting winds and snow. Average highs rest in the upper 20s and lower 30s, so come prepared with a warm hat and durable gloves. If you can brave the cold, you'll score significant price cuts on hotels. And just because the tourists can't hack it doesn't mean that Toronto goes into hibernation: The winter months see plenty of special events worth checking out.