Which Season Is Best For Holiday In Frankfurt?What about the Weather and climate during the time?

Which Season Is Best For Holiday In Frankfurt

.The best months for good weather in Frankfurt are April,May,June,July,August and September

.On average,the warmest months are July and August

.The rainiest months are May,July and December

For full information about the climate and weather in Frankfurt a specific month,click on the corresponding line below:

Between january and march the climate is very bad.At lunchtime,it's 11°C in average and you can expect to have 49mm of rainfall/month during this period.

Between the months of april and september the climate is good.The temperature rises to 22°C and it rains in september about 52mm.

In the month of october the climate is correct.the thermometer goes up to 16°C°C and it rains in october about 64mm.

In the month of november the climate is not good.The temperature rises to 10°C.

Which Season Is Best For Holiday In Frankfurt

In december the climate is very bad.the thermometer goes up to 5°C°C and it rains in december about 117mm.

This is a very difficult question to answer,because,like most places,(a)the answer depends very much on the person answering the question,and(b)Frankfurt has something to offer during all seasons.

Given that you say'visit',I will presume that you mean a short stay,by someone who doesn't spend a lot of time in Frankfurt-on that basis,highlights(among others)from my own experience could include:

visits to nearby vineyards in Rheinghau,and boat trips on the Rhein(all seasons,but especially Spring-to-Autumn);

street festivals(all year round,but especially Summer,and Christmas Weihnachtsmarkt);downtown shopping at Zeil,Hauptwache,Freßgasse,Goethestrasse,etc.(all seasons);taking in some sport[ice hockey,football,basketball,etc.]or observing/taking part in a marathon,half marathon,or ironman event(all seasons,depending on sport).

Enjoying Frankfurt's Ebelwoi(apple wine)restaurant scene(all seasons,but especially around Fasching/Karneval in Spring),etc.,attending a show/concert at the Alte Oper,Neuer Oper,or one of the more boutique theaters,or sometimes the larger concerts held at the football ground(all seasons),and Visiting one of the many excellent museums the city has to offer,covering a wide range of especially those situated along the Main ufer[the edge of the river](all seasons,but especially on'Nacht der Museen',in Spring).