I'd like to recommend the Washington D.C. Sightseeing Tours right for you and guide you to the great Washington destinations. One of Washington DC's earliest tourist destinations was the Washington Monument. The Washington Monument in its simple sandstone, granite and marble design is a highly recognizable and striking tribute to George Washington.

Most people know that the Washington Monument is to honor George Washington as the United States first president. He was elected in a unanimous vote, and the principal Founding Father of this country, but his achievements do not stop there as George Washington was truly remarkable in a number of ways.

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Even during Washington's lifetime, there was much talk of how to honor him, but the end result would come many years after his death. The Washington National Monument Society began fundraising in 1832 on what would have been Washington's 100th birthday. There was the inclusion of a statue of Washington on a chariot.

The Washington Monument is still the tallest stone structure in the world, as well as the largest obelisk. If you're in the DC area, then make sure you take time for the Washington Monument.

The final design of the Washington Monument was patterned after the Egyptian obelisk. Construction began, but there were a number of delays that spanned several decades, and in the end the monument was completed by the Army Corp of Engineers.

Washington D.C. Sightseeing Tours

One of the basic ideas behind creating a monument for George Washington was the idea that gratitude and respect should be dramatically expressed for what he contributed in creating a republic where all people are equal.

The Washington Monument was such a draw for visitors that even before the 20th century, tens of thousands of visitors had gone to the top. Currently, the Washington Monument draws hundreds of thousands each year.