Washington DC Explorer Pass,Things To Do In Washington DC

  1. By kevin
  2. On Mar 21, 2018
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Learn the information about things to do in Washington DC and full travel tips about the city,with Washington DC explorer pass,to enjoy Washington around in this Summer.Politics,culture,history and family attractions combine to form a perfect vacation package in Washington D.C.,so why not book a getaway to America's capital for your next trip?

What to do in Washington?

National Mall:Welcome to the United States

The National Mall is host to America's greatest museums,monuments,and memorials.The Washington Monument is the centerpiece,flanked by the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol Building,home to U.S.Congress.This cultural stretch can satisfy all interests,and popular highlights include the stunning Vietnam War Memorial,and the National Gallery of Art,which carries a world-renowned collection.

White House:Presidential Grounds

Home to every American President for the past two centuries,the White House is one of the most famous buildings in the country.The house is viewed by countless tourists from the lush surrounding gardens every day.With secret service agents casually surrounding the property,a visit to this house is like walking into a dramatic film set.

Smithsonian Castle:"...for the increase of knowledge."

The Smithsonian is an all-American institution boasting dozens of museums and research centers.The Smithsonian Building stands like a castle on the National Mall,architecturally magnificent and surrounded by it's finest gems.Favorites include the National Museum of Natural History,and the Air and Space Museum,home to the world's first airplane and countless spacecraft.