Walk Around The New York City, Best Dining Bets In New York City

  1. By Kevin
  2. On May 26, 2017
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Let's talk about the best dining bets In New York city, what about do a sightseeing trip around the New York city? Just with New York city tours to visit New York.

Walk Around The New York City

Best Cheap Eats

"Spicy and tingly beef noodles" will set your mouth afire, but keep your vacation budget cool and collected at Xian Famous Foods, a growing chain of noodle shops that serves the most authentic and affordable Chinese food this side of Flushing, Queens (NYC's most authentic Chinatown).

Most Romantic Restaurant

I’ll have to go classic French on this one and suggest Daniel. The food is exquisite, as is the decor, and the waitstaff are veritable cupids, who seem to know, instinctively, when to top off a glass and when not to interrupt a conversation.

Most Family-Friendly Restaurant for Those with Kids over 8

Why not give your children a cultural experience along with a feeding? At Robataya, they’ll experience the best of cooked Japanese cuisine (almost no sushi here), while being served by a genuine Japanese chef who grills all the food in front of you with an intensity of concentration that’s fascinating to behold.

Most Family-Friendly Restaurant for Those with Kids Under 8

John's Times Square is set in a huge former church, so the tables are far enough apart that nobody gets upset when the younger folk kick up a fuss. And what kid doesn't like pizza?

Best Place to Go with a Group

Head to Mission Chinese and soon the old-fashioned lazy susan in the middle of the table will be spinning as your group digs into some of the kookiest (and tastiest) riffs on Chinese food you've ever tasted. Since you'll want to try everything on the menu, the bigger the group, the better.

Walk Around The New York City

Best Splurge

This is a tough one, but I’ll have to go with the endless, unusual and delicious tasting menu at Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare. You’ll see it all cooked in front of you, and many of the ingredients are over-the-top decadent. Dress appropriately though; they don’t let in people in jeans, sandals, or shorts.

Best Old School Gotham dining experience

Still a classic, and still serving the tenderest steaks in town, Peter Luger Steakhouse is the place to come when you want a taste of olde New York.

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At Marea you’ll be digging into the most creative Italian food you’ve likely ever tasted, in a chic and contemporary dining room filled with the biggest of bigwigs.

New York city tours to visit New York1

How about some matzoh ball ramen? That's just one of the delectable specialties at Shalom Japan, a tiny restaurant with big ambitions that serves up some mighty tasty, if mighty weird, food.