Ready to spend a day or two in the Eternal City?Visit Trekeffect to plan your perfect Roman holiday and experience Italy’s most beautiful city.Just follow us to find the different Rome.


Tour Cinecitta Studios

What do Roman Holiday,Cleopatra,and Gangs of New York have in common?They were all filmed at Cinecitta Studios,Rome capital in the film industry.Rome has a long history of cinematic influence around the world.You can see where some of film history’s most classic movies were shot in Rome,and learn more about Rome’s film business at Cinecitta Studios.Many of the backdrops and sets from movies have been abandoned,making it a surreal and intriguing spot to visit and walk around the remnant of films throughout the past half century.

Drink Espresso from a Cafe

There are plenty of variations of espresso drinks around the world,but when in Rome,where locals often consume up to three shots of espresso throughout the day,there are certain ways you need to try your coffee.Enjoy a cappuccinos at breakfast,and a macchiato at dinner.Try a creme in the hotter months,and a plain shot of espresso in the colder months.

While there are many cafes around Rome,the two most popular,and famous rivals,are the Tazza d’Oro and the Caffe Sant’Eusachio.The two cafes are located within the same neighborhood,and have been fighting over title to Rome’s best cafe for as long as anyone can remember.Which one is better?You’ll have to try for yourself to discover the answer.