An enjoyable half day can be easily spent exploring the Lisbon city,which costs absolutely nothing.To visit Lisbon city,to spend an enjoyable holiday there with your family will be a good experience.

Lisbon City

A glass of Ginjinha

Nothing helps a long day of sightseeing more than a glass of Ginjinha,a deliciously sweet alcohol drink.This cherry based liquor is adored by the Portuguese and can be can be served with cherries for an added extra kick.There is no better place to sample Ginjinha than from the traditional home of the drink,the“A Ginjinha”bar,which is just off Rossio square..

The Grandeur of Baixa

The district of Baixa was completely rebuilt after the devastating earthquake of 1755 and was the one of the first city centres to be designed around a grid and block layout.The district comprises of grand avenues that connect to magnificent plazas,which celebrate the wealth and importance of 18th century Portugal.The most impressive of these plazas is the Praça do Comercio,where historically merchants would sell goods from the colonies and financers would fund expeditions to unknown lands.