visit Grand Canyon from Las Vegas,Healthy Eating During a Camping Trip

  1. By kevin
  2. On Aug 3, 2018
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Camping can be a fun experience,but can ruin your diet if you’re not careful.Join us with our bus tours to visit Grand Canyon from Las Vegas.Salty snacks and sweets during the car trip to the campsite can make you and the kids feel run down from a sugar crash.While roasting weenies over the fire is fun,it’s not healthy to eat them for more than one meal during your excursion.Luckily,there are some ways to eat healthier during your camping trip.

visit Grand Canyon from Las Vegas,Healthy Eating During a Camping Trip

Pack a cooler filled with drinking water,fresh fruit,and nuts to snack on while in the car or between meals at the campsite.Look into prepping healthy meals before you leave and keep them cool in the cooler,ready to heat and eat at the campsite.

As Autumn approaches,many families are considering their next great adventure-and in our beautiful state,camping is one such adventure many like to take with their families.

Phil Cox,who just launched a new healthy camping food line called Bannock’s joined Midday to prepare families for their first camping trip of the season,or first camping trip ever.

Phil has five young children and wanted to provide healthy options for them but still offer the treats they can really enjoy.

This camping line food is high in protein,and make the kids happy.Everything is freeze-dried,so it's convenient.

Check out these products he featured on the show:

-Peaches and Cream Oatmeal,and how to cook it

-Gluten-free Smoked Beans and Rice w/Chicken

-Peaches and berry cobbler