Visit Barcelona,Children's Activities In Barcelona

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Aug 23, 2017
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They said to us"This is Barcelona"and showed us a postcard of the Pedraforca.We didn't believe it,but just 2 hours outside Barcelona you can be in the heart of the countryside and the Pyrenees mountains.Visit Barcelona,children's activities in Barcelona recommended for you.

Visit Barcelona

In the Pyrenees,you have plenty to do,whether it's sport,culture or gastronomy.In any season of the year,if you go to Barcelona,take a break in the Pyrenees,and discover it for yourselves.

Bars with live music

Barcelona has its own distinct melody.It sounds of the sea,of terraces full of people,of the wind blowing down from the mountains,of crowds and the Mediterranean.But if you want to hear its most lingering melody,you won't find it in the streets…you'll have to step inside one of the thousands of bars that resound with the sound of guitars,drums,basses and as many instruments as there are groups in the city.

Tibidabo,the magic mountain

It isnt surprising that the Barcelona locals nicknamed Tibidabo"the magic mountain".Standing 515 metres high,it's the tallest point on the Collserola Ridge and its distinctive outline features on many postcards of the city.

On the vermouth trail:discover some of the best places to have an aperitif

Do you want to feel like a true Barcelonian?Well,if you do,you can't miss out on going for a vermut.For years this aromatic,herby wine has been the favourite Sunday pre-lunch tipple with local families.