Vancouver travle guides,best things to do

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Jan 12, 2018
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With four-star seafood restaurants,a lively Asian dining scene,and farm-to-table establishments,your Vancouver trip will give you the chance to sample the world of delicious eating options.Vancouver travle guides,best things to do as below:

Vancouver travle guides

Take a hike

You can see a snapshot of Vancouver on a swift five-block walk.Start at the Bentall Centre–a cluster of five skyscrapers at 505-595 Burrard Street which sums up the gleaming architecture of the financial district.Then head south-east along Dunsmuir Street,pausing at the Pacific Centre–a vast mall.Continue along Dunsmuir to the Holy Rosary

Cathedral at 646 Richards Street.This is the city's Catholic bastion,a Gothic revival landmark,built in 1900,which recalls a less high-rise metropolis.

Window shopping

Ride the SkyTrain's(yellow)Millennium Line three stops south-east from Granville station to the Commercial-Broadway stop.This drops you at the south end of Commercial Drive,the most alluring shopping drag in East Vancouver.Mintage,at number 1714,deals in every-thing from old leather jackets to antique typewriters.Santa Barbara Market,at 1322,is a superb deli awash with local cheese and wine.