Vancouver to Banff tour,enjoy the Best of Banff Without Overspending

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Mar 4, 2018
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Banff,in peak seasons,it’s not exactly a cheap place to visit.Follow our travel tips to enjoy the best of Banff without overspending.You may choose the Vancouver to Banff tour,or just self-driving to there.Now if budget isn’t an issue,there is an array of luxury hotels,high-end restaurants and swanky stores catering to visitors with deep pockets.But not everyone falls into that category,and that’s not a problem.Travellers with budgets can absolutely visit Banff and have a great time doing so–you just need to be smart about how you spend your money.

Vancouver to Banff tour

Have a Picnic

Banff has a number of excellent restaurants,but if you dine out for every meal this can really eat into your budget.Instead,go shopping at the grocery store and pick up some fresh fruit,bread,cheese and meats and then have a picnic.

You’ll spend less than you would in a restaurant and you’ll also be able to eat your meal while admiring the gorgeous Rocky Mountain scenery.Central Park at the end of Banff Avenue near the bridge is a great place for picnics.And if you’re lucky,you may see elk or deer along the banks of the Bow River.

Or,look for tours and activities that include a packed lunch or barbecue meal.This gives you the freedom to explore in nature all day because you won’t need to rush back to town to be near a restaurant.

Vancouver to Banff tour

Save on Your Entry Fee

Banff National Park charges an entry fee.You can pay per day,but if you are planning to spend more than a week in the park then you will save money by purchasing an annual pass.Remember,the Annual Discovery Pass covers any of the mountain parks including Banff,Jasper or Yoho National Park–so make the most of it!

If you visit Banff every year,there is a clever way to get the most for your money.Buy an annual pass during your visit to the park and then next year,plan your trip for two weeks earlier while your annual pass from the last year is still valid.This way,you will get two yearly vacations in Banff for the cost of one year’s pass.

In 2017 Parks Canada are waiving the National Park entrance fees to celebrate the sesquicentennial–Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation!

Ask Your Tour Guide or Hotel Staff for Local Tips

When you go on a tour in Banff,your tour guide is a great resource for local knowledge.

They live in Banff and they have firsthand experience exploring the town,so they can tell you which restaurants offer the best value for money and which bars have the most generous pours during happy hour.The staff at your hotel are also a great source of local Banff tips–many of them will have great suggestions.