Vancouver Canada tours,Getting to the Canadian Rockies

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  2. On Feb 27, 2018
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Following the Vancouver Canada tours by website to getting to the Canadian Rockie.The page discusses the transportation,best times at which to travel,and addresses many other logistical aspects of such a trip.For help and information planning a bus trip to the Canadian Rockies.

Vancouver Canada tours



Be aware that if you pick up a car in one city(say Vancouver)and drop it off in another city(say Calgary),you are likely to incur a one-way drop off fee that may add considerably to the cost of renting a car.Find out,and obtain in writing,the terms that apply to your rental.Ask if the daily rate includes unlimited kilometres.Ask if you have to pay more for a second driver.If you are paying in advance,ask what charges--such as the 5%GST perhaps--will be payable at your destination.

Also be aware that if you are undertaking the trip in the summer or fall,there is no need to rent a 4x4 vehicle.The roads are paved,and a regular vehicle can handle them perfectly well.

Driving from Vancouver to the Canadian Rockies is not recommended during the winter months--from the beginning of November to the end of April.The transitional months of October and May are somewhat risky too.From November through April it is highly recommended that you fly from Vancouver to Calgary or Edmonton and then access the Canadian Rockies by road from there.


(Two trains serve the Canadian Rockies.)

The first is the VIARail train that travels from Vancouver to Jasper three times a week from May through October and twice a week the rest of the year.ViaRail leaves Vancouver on Tuesdays,Fridays and Sundays at 8:30 PM and arrives in Jasper National Park,in the heart of the Canadian Rockies,the following afternoon at 4:00 PM.