vacation East Coast USA, Mysterious Places to Discover in Alaska

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Travel guide for vacation East Coast USA by website, for people who driving in East Coast. top tips including, how long it will take and the highlights to capture along the way. Includes an itinerary for Melbourne to Cairns by a World Nomad who did it.

Mysterious Places to Discover & fun activities in Alaska:

Kayaking the Maritime Wonderland of Southeast Alaska

To the far south is a place unlike the rest of the state. Seemingly disconnected (physically and politically), Southeast Alaska is a long stretch of islands, fjords, and small towns that aren’t connected by roads. It’s a maritime world, a boater’s paradise.

Whether a kayak or a cruise ship is your thing, you’ll find beauty in the calm, protected waters of the Inside Passage. Here, there are islands that have more bears than anywhere else in the world, and tons of humpback whales that have come to consume the copious balls of bait fish. This is the place to go if you want to see the glaciers that tumble down from lofty heights, crashing into the sea.

vacation East Coast USA, Mysterious Places to Discover in Alaska

Only 50 of Alaska’s 100,000 glaciers make it all the way down to the ocean, and all of them are in the southern part of the state!

Alaska’s charming historic capital, Juneau, is a great jumping off spot for whale watching, bear viewing, sea kayaking, and exploring smaller seaside communities like Sitka, Haines, and Gustavus.

Alaska’s Southeast is for those who love the ocean and its creatures, glassy reflections on the water, clean fresh air, and spending time wandering on the shoreline of uninhabited islands.

Sea Kayaking

Here, you can go even deeper into nature and get in a kayak, camp, and unplug. Ultimately, this was my fate as an expedition sea kayak guide. I’ve had my best wildlife encounters on kayak trips.

Watching a bear walk along the shoreline, and having wolves come into my camp is frightening – but exciting. Having a quiet walk along desolate shoreline and looking for odd stones that’ve been moved by previous glacial periods is a reckoning of the ages.

However, nothing beats drifting in the stillness from the safety of a kayak, and watching as the glassy ocean surface is shattered by a surfacing pod of behemoth humpback whales. Their thunderous breath sounds like a blast of propane in a hot air balloon. Startling, it makes you buckle, reassess your tininess adrift on the sea. They take another breath, raise their giant dripping fluke above the surface, and again disappear.