I live in the Boston suburbs so can give a few pointers about my city and even some of East Coast vacation package, guide you to visit Boston, Washington DC in East Coast. Boston is very safe and the subway here (called the T) is sufficient for tourists who want to see the highlights of the city. If you plan to go into the suburbs though a car would be best. The subway here is $2 per ride, no matter the distance. If you can get a reloadable CharlieCard (similar to London's Oystercard) the fare is $1.70 per ride (check out

Boston is one of the most expensive cities in the U.S. along with New York. In fact, the entire northeast region of the country (mainly New England and New York) is rather expensive compared to the south and center regions. Be sure to plan for this as you said you are on a budget.

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There are many world class museums here but they are quite expensive (some as much as $20) and you may be sick of musuems after Washington D.C. (at least most in D.C. are free!). Also, hotels in the downtown area are VERY expensive. Plan on AT LEAST $150/night for anything least 3-4 stars (I am not a backpacker type at all though so we may differ on our views of what is acceptable accomidations; I list en suite bathrooms high on my list of priorities along with at least queen-size beds). If you try's name your own price feature you may be able to get something comfortable like a Sheraton or Hilton for aroud $100/'s worth a shot. 5 star hotels will easily be $400-$600 a night here at full rate.

July and August are quite hot and humid in Boston and New England weather is notoriously fickle; it can be a lovely 73F one day and then a disgusting 95F two days really can be quite crazy. That said, on a comfortable day the Public Gardens and Boston Common are nice to stroll through and various street vendors are in the Common where you should be able to get a hotdog and a soda for less than $5. Also, Chinatown offers a vast array of decent food in large portions at decent can get away with less than $10 for lunch and less than $20 for dinner here. You should get one nice seafood meal when you are here though as this area is known for seafood; even though you may spend $30-$40 for a good place at dinner without alcohol. I'm somewhat of a foodie so my prices my be higher than what you could find if you really search hard but I would plan on at least $50 a day to eat well in Boston.

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Tipping is always 18-20% of the pre-tax amount in restaurants (waitresses here rely on tips and thus get a VERY low hourly wage so tipping is quite important). Hotel maids should get about $2 per room per night. Hotel bellhops/airport porters get $1/bag.

About your Megabus find: sometimes they offer a limited amount of EXTREMELY low fares like $2 a trip if you book far in advance. If you plan to take the bus you may want to grab any deals that you see for so cheap.

Enjoy your trip! I hope you love Boston as much as I've loved all my trips to London!