Upper Antelope tour, Antelope Canyon travel guide

  1. By kevin
  2. On Apr 17, 2018
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We'd like to share the Antelope Canyon travel guide with you, and some Upper Antelope tour you can choose on the website with great deals now. Useful tips for you as below:

Crowd Tips for Upper Antelope Canyon:

* Midday trips are heavily crowded in between April and September.

* Less busy if you book an early morning trip during the week. No light beams though.

* Small opportunity for a less hectic time but with light beams: Late March/ early April or late September/ early October integrated with a mid-week trip. However still, do not anticipate a peaceful visit.

* Less busy in off-season from mid-October till mid-March without light beams. However still, prevent weekend tours.

  • Fees/Prices: Navajo Park entryway cost: $8/ Tour Guide: $30-$ 60/ Photography Trip: Approximately $120.

Upper Antelope Canyon vs. Lower Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon makes up two separate canyons and you have to book trips to them independently. Lower Antelope is less populated with travelers, more affordable to visit, longer, and the canyon spaces are much tighter inside the canyon walls.

While you can find the light beams (or “shafts”) in Lower Antelope as well, Upper Antelope’s light beams appear to be more dramatic and appeared to be the more surefire path for stunning photographs.

So which one is ideal for you? Well, they are both going to blow you away so you truly can’t fail with either one. But if you are aiming to narrow it down, something to consider is your personal mobility. In Lower Antelope, you will need to climb some stairs and ladders and get through some extremely tight areas with moderate scrambling.

In Upper Antelope, that is not the case due to the fact that the flooring is flat and there are only a few narrow sections. So if mobility is an essential concern then the decision is easy: choose Upper Antelope.

One huge benefit to Lower Antelope is that there are far fewer people checking out the canyon, which means you do not have to handle mass herds of individuals. Another is that Lower has the more adventurous appeal, because you may be able to endeavor without being accompanied by a tourist guide and there’s a bit of climbing up here and there.

We did a photography tour (more listed below) so we were required to the canyon in an enclosed SUV. For Lower Antelope, you simply appear at the parking area and then a guide takes you down into the canyon. Based on evaluations, it appears the guides utilize their discretion regarding whether they’ll accompany you down there or not.

In general, I believe the two primary determining factors are movement and desire to shoot the light beams. However feel in one’s bones, you truly can’t lose any way you go and remember you can always schedule a trip for both. When it comes to my recommendation, I say do both. However, if you can’t do both then I’m on Group Upper Antelope (a minimum of for your first time out there).