Unmissable events in London this autumn

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Sep 7, 2017
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London National Theatre with its unmissable events in London this autumn worth you visit.Brilliant National Theatre regular Lucian Msamati vaults into the big league with his performance as Antonio Salieri,director of opera to the imperial court in Vienna,imagined by Shaffer as the architect of the downfall of the vastly more talented Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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Theatre,Drama National Theatre,South Bank Monday January 22 2018-Saturday February 17 2018

A major revival of the late Peter Shaffer’s masterpiece about the rivalry between Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri.

Why go The NT’s entire autumn season looks awesome.But this could be a defining moment for the brilliant actor Lucian Msamati,who will play Salieri.It’s both the shot at the big time he deserves and a milestone in colour-blind casting in this country.



David Bowie’s final project,a musical based on his songs and the novel‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’,which he famously starred in the film of.

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Why go?Because you love David Bowie and are on board for a weird,arty,difficult musical that often steers clear of the hits.In Ivo van Hove’s production,stranded alien Thomas Jerome Newton will be played by Michael C Hall.

School of Rock-The Musical

New London Theatre,Covent Garden Until Sunday January 14 2018

A musical adaptation of the Jack Black film about a slobbish metal fan who becomes an inspiring music teacher.By,er,Andrew Lloyd Webber and Julian Fellowes.

Why go If it hadn’t already opened on Broadway to much enthusiasm,we’d assume Webber and Fellowes were trolling us.But no,apparently it rocks.Who knew?

It is the ultimate musical about male privilege,a show about an under-qualified,over-entitled white guy who shambles his way to public adoration by blithely inflicting bankrupt baby boomer values upon a bunch of impressionable people who don’t know any better.