Ultimate Things to Do in Barcelona

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Barcelona tours guides which about the Ultimate things to do in Barcelona.When you're travelling,especially if you're short on time,you really want to make the most of your destination so you go home feeling like you haven't missed anything and that you've really got a feel for the place.Sure,it can be a challenge,so we've worked to pare down all there is to do in Barcelona to 20 of the musts.If you can't get to them all,you can always come back.Ultimate things to do in Barcelona as below:

Things to Do in Barcelona

Best Time To Visit

July and August can get quite hot and humid,so the best time to go is early summer(May-June)and fall(September-October),when it’s pleasant and mild.

Barcelona Transportation

Barcelona has an excellent public transport network.Buy a T10 pass from any ticket machine to get ten one-way trips for$11.Alternatively,if you buy individual single tickets,they will cost$2.30.The passes are valid on all metros,buses,trains and trams operated by TMB,Renfe and FGC.Taxis in Barcelona are also cheap,hassle-free and easy to find.

Barcelona Weather

August is the hottest month,with an average high of 74°F(24°C).January is the coldest month,with an average high of 49°F(10°C).

Know Before Visiting

Mealtimes in Spain can be confusing.Restaurants are generally open from 1:30 4.:00 p.m.for lunch,and from 8:30 p.m.until 11 p.m.for dinner.Many stores close for lunchtime siesta(2 5 p.m.),as well as on Sundays and public holidays.A lot of businesses close for the whole month of August.

Things to Do in Barcelona


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