Iceland, the country attracts visitors all year round, not only thanks to its diversity in landscape, but also its vital energy and contrast of lights, shades and seasons that offer new discoveries with every visit. Our ultimate guide for traveling in Iceland which about things to do & activities in Iceland as below.

Things to do & activities in Iceland


Go Camping

I know of no better way to spend a summer night in Iceland than in a tent. Camping is a fail-safe method of gaining and maintaining your necessary contact with nature, and nothing comes close to the experience of lying in your sleeping bag after a long day of travelling while being lulled to sleep by the wildlife's all-encompassing evening song.

And since most Icelandic towns and villages have their own campsite, wherever you may find yourself there will always be a place where you can set up your tent.

Camping with three tents or less is permitted on uncultivated public land for a single night unless you see a notice to the contrary, but wild camping in Iceland’s three national parks is strictly forbidden.


Rent a Car, Take Your Time

Icelandic weather is extremely dynamic and unpredictable. When heading out on a domestic holiday, therefore, many Icelanders have the habit of "following the weather", which means that they simply drive towards the part of the country which has the best weather at the moment of departure.

No journey to Iceland could be considered complete without some time spent out on the open country road, and if you rent a car you acquire both the freedom to control the pace of your journey and the power to take meteorological matters into your own hands.