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  2. On Mar 20, 2018
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Planning your trips to New York city,to enjoy the scenes and shopping in New York in this Summer.Food trucks and festivals pop up on every corner.It’s a great time to catch a ball game or US Open tennis matches,walk the High Line in short sleeves,head up to the Bronx Zoo to spot animals or head down to Coney Island for a ride on the wooden tracks of the Cyclone roller coaster—still thrilling after all these years.

Shopping in New York

Shopping Streets

Shopping is one of New York’s great obsessions,and there are some fantastic shopping districts to explore.5th Avenue is probably the most famous and is home to brands like Abercrombie&Fitch(no.720),Gucci(no.725),Saks(no.611),and Hugo Boss(no.717).Broadway is another street that is full of boutiques,such as All Saints(no.512)and Madewell(no.486).There are also malls like the Time Warner Center,while discount shopping is on offer at the Staten Island Mall(2655 Richmond Ave).If you want to check out craft products and antiques,the Green Flea Market is the place to head on Sundays(100 W 77th St).

trips to New York city

Groceries and Other

Shopping at supermarkets and delis is one way to keep the cost of living in New York down.Chain supermarkets are thin on the ground in Manhattan,but there are independent stores like D'Agostino in Greenwich Village(341 3rd Ave).There are a number of Whole Foods,Trader Joe’s,and Fairway outlets as well as Duane Reed supermarkets on Broadway and Wall Street.Another good option for grocery shopping is to visit Chelsea Market(75 9th Ave)for fresh produce and prepared meals.Expect to pay around$2.30 for a gallon of milk or$4.30 for 12 eggs.New York isn’t cheap,so budget accordingly.

Where to Eat in New York?

Dining out is something that New Yorkers do all the time.They aren’t famous for their home cooking skills.Instead,they frequent restaurants of every type,and visitors can do the same.There’s a stellar array of options,but some of the best include the unpretentious pies from Rubirosa Pizza(235 Mulberry S),the curries served by Spice Symphony(182 Lexington Ave),and the Mexican dishes on offer at Fonda in the East Village(40 Avenue B).Great up-market eateries abound,including Eleven Madison Park in the Flatiron Building(11 Madison Ave)and the Lambs Club(W 44th St)where you can savor New York classics like aged Delmonico steaks and Cobb salads.If you want to find a classic Waldorf salad,you can’t do better than the restaurant at Lord and Taylor(424 5th Ave)while seafood fans should head to the Cull&Pistol Oyster Bar(Chelsea Market)to check out another New York specialty.Expect a meal to cost upwards of$40 at medium-range restaurants.