trips to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas,Travel Mistakes to Avoid

  1. By kevin
  2. On Aug 3, 2018
  3. North America
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Arrange your trips to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas in this Summer Break?Some tips we prepared for you may help you a lot.Whether it’s your first trip abroad or you travel several times a year,we all make mistakes that can cause headaches or possibly even ruin your trip.

trips to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas,Travel Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t overpack!Think about what you truly need for your trip and eliminate the rest.It can reduce the load you need to carry.Before you travel,let your credit card company know where you are going so they don’t accidently freeze your card due to unusual transactions.This can save you some headaches so you can thoroughly enjoy your trip.

Travel Mistakes&How to Avoid:


It’s tempting to bring outfits for every possible occasion,but it makes it difficult to haul your luggage around,and you may get stuck with high baggage fees for accidentally exceeding the weight limit.Instead,pack your bag as usual,then take out half the clothes you originally planned.You won’t wear all of them,you don’t have to sacrifice style,and you can always do some laundry on the road.

Not Checking Your Cell Phone Plan

It’s important to know what your plan covers to avoid data roaming fees.Not covered?Turn off your data before you get on the plane and leave your phone in airplane mode(you’ll still be able to connect to wi-fi).If data is important to you,look into buying an international plan or buying a local SIM card once you arrive.

Alternatively,for Americans,consider T-Mobile as your carrier.We now get free data in 200 countries and it has literally changed the way we travel.(Note:We have no affiliation with T-Mobile and we pay for our own monthly plans.)